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    Connection with Origin

  • We source the finest green coffee from the birthplace of Ethiopia and East Africa.
    We source green coffee from various regions, including
    Finagro, Yirgacheffe, Guji, Sidamo, Arsi, Jimma, Kaffa...


Because we value being your trusted, sustainably sourced coffee partner, we operate openly and transparently and nurture long-term partnerships with shared community values and ethical responsibility at their core. 
When you choose Utopia Coffee as your green coffee supplier, you can be sure that we will source the highest-quality varieties of green coffee beans to serve your coffee-loving customers. Together we will explore the distinctive aromas and finest flavours of specialty coffee beans sourced ethically from across East Africa.



We pride ourselves on our speciality coffees and our acute focus on quality. From cultivation to post-harvest processing and a rigorous calibre selection process, our focus on the best quality control ensures that every cup of coffee brewed with our beans is uncompromising in its standards.
Our coffee experts are dedicated to their search for the highest-grade, flavour-packed beans and work directly and exclusively with coffee farmers, producers and cooperatives in East Africa. This relentless search guarantees that the coffee we import is of the highest quality to suit all customer tastes.


Proudly independent

We choose to be independently owned and operated because this gives us the freedom to do what we do best — to focus on selecting and sourcing the best coffees that East Africa offers. 
Our independence also ensures that we always make decisions that are best for our customers and our valued partners and producers. Our core values matter to us, and we recognise the importance of green coffee quality and traceability, ethical practices, respecting community and the importance of agricultural, social and economic sustainability.

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Distinctive Characteristics and Rich Aromas
At Utopia Coffee, we are specialists passionate about sharing East African coffee's rich and unique flavours. We source and import the finest coffee to Australia so discerning coffee drinkers can enjoy its distinctive characteristics and rich aromas.


Highest Quality Green Coffee Beans

For centuries, Ethiopia has produced sought-after coffee that is prised for its complex flavours. As an independently owned and specialist importer, we work directly with farmers on the ground who grow this precious harvest and with our partner producers with whom we work to source the highest-quality coffee beans. 

Wide Range Varieties
We are committed to building long-lasting relationships with origins and roasters, so no supply is too big or small for us. We can accommodate single-bag deliveries to containers forward contracting. We can supply distinct micro lots, exclusive single origins, organic, certified or experimental coffee and a range of affordable blending options.

Connecting Communities – Farm to Coffee Cup
Each cup of coffee results from our close working relationships directly with farmers and producers who are as passionate about coffee as we are. Because, for us, coffee is a way of life. It's a thriving and vibrant culture that connects everyone — from the farmers who cultivate the plants and grow the coffee beans to the baristas who brew your favourite style of coffee.
Sustainable and Ethical
Looking ahead, we want to promote and invest in sustainable development programs that support the communities and ecosystems that grow this precious commodity. We recognise and value this coffee community's efforts, expertise and commitment and are proud to be a member. 
While sourcing the highest-quality coffee is complex and challenging, Utopia Coffee always operates ethically, respects sustainable practices and relies on rigorous quality-control measures. 
Whether you're a seasoned coffee connoisseur or have just begun to explore the distinct flavours varieties, we invite you to explore the exciting world of East African coffee with us.

Complimentary Sample
We would be delighted to send you a sample of our SPOT coffees and demonstrate that we are committed to helping more Australian roasters and enthusiasts discover the unique flavours of East African coffee.

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